There is plenty to see and do

Relax and unwind with a massage, play a round of golf with friends, hit the lake and try water skiing or canoeing, cycle out to your favourite winery or simply enjoy a coffee in town while browsing the shops!

And if you’re staying in town and you feel like you’ve done it all why not pop by to our neighbouring towns of Avenel, Heathcote, SeymourShepparton or Bendigo!

If you are looking for someone to take you on the waterways canoeing or simply someone to take you around the beautiful wineries and surrounds – look no further! Here you will find all of our tour companies who would love to show you around Nagambie.
There is so much to do and see on the lake. Most people who come and enjoy the lake also like to try their hand at water skiing or if visiting with mates fishing is always a good way to watch the day go by. You’ll find lots of fun can be had on the lake – have a look!
Do you like the great outdoors? Roaming around in the sunlight watching birds, stretching the legs with the family or unwinding with some light exercise? Well we’re quite sure you’re going to love the Tabilk Wetlands and Wildlife Reserve, or Cycling the Goulburn River Valley Rail Trail. Both are just out of town and beautiful. Or fancy a hit of golf? We have a gorgeous course and we recommend you try it.
Do you like being pampered? Here you will find relaxing massage to work away all that stress. Or pop into our local hairdresser who will treat you to a head massage followed by a trim, ready to hit the town!
Are you up for an adventure? Do you love an adrenaline rush? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Nagambie Skydive is the perfect place to find that rush of blood to the head – you can’t miss it.
Nagambie and surrounds have a range of different shops to browse. You can always find a bargain, something different or a pressie to take home from your trip.

Nagambie Information Centre
Phone: (03) 5794 1471

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